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Client Feedback


I had never experienced a DUI before. I contacted a very respected lawyer … and he immediately gave me your name and stated that, “If it were to happen to him, he would want you to represent him!” … [Y]ou were able to meet with me immediately and gave me the facts as to what to expect … . You made me feel comfortable and realistically optimistic … . Thank you for doing an extremely good job … for always being there … [and] for being prepared … . I am a very grateful client!
— Your Client

[My friend S.] is extremely happy with your representation, and she is very grateful. Good job Dan.
— T.L.

Our grandson was facing three charges and one of them was a felony with possible severe consequences … . Dan did a good job for us and with his background and experience we strongly recommend him if legal help is needed.
— M.C.

I am very satisfied with Dan’s representation. He helped me to lower my charge and consequences in a short amount of time. I highly recommend his services.
— Anonymous Client

I was glad I remembered you went into private practice so [my friends] didn’t just get somebody out of the phone book. I told them you were very good and wouldn’t take advantage of them. They really liked you.
— T.R.

Thank you for your counseling. . . . I am very pleased with your service and guidance.

The outcome was the best it could have been considering the circumstances and I am very grateful.
— M.B.