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Announcements and Law Updates

Announcements and Law Updates

Denied Entry Into Canada?

Did you plan on that perfect fishing trip to Ontario or Manitoba, only to be prevented by Canadian customs from entering Canada because of a prior conviction in the U.S.? Even a misdemeanor DUI on your record may prevent you from getting across the border. Under Canadian law, DUI/DWIs are often treated as felonies. So your prior DUI when you were 18 is now coming back to haunt you at the border. 

If you have been denied entry at the border, there are several avenues that you may be able to take:

•    You can apply to be Deemed Rehabilitated at a Canadian port of entry.

•    You can apply for Streamlined Rehabilitation at a Canadian port of entry.

•    You can apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

•    You can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit.

Contact Dan Homstad Defense LLC at 612-875-6574 for advice on the right path to take.  Leave your past at the border and get into Canada and at those walleyes!

Heidi Larson