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Criminal Defense

Dan Homstad Defense LLC provides experienced representation in the following practice areas: 

Criminal Defense

You have a choice among the many attorneys out there. When you hire Dan Homstad Defense LLC, your case will be handled by a firm with experience in both criminal defense and prosecution. 

With 23 years of criminal law experience, we will vigorously defend your rights in all manner of charges, from disorderly conduct to DUI to homicide.  No matter is too small or too serious. Our focus will always remain on an individualized representation of you. Our extensive jury trial experience gives us the ability to offer you frank and realistic advice. Our many years of criminal law practice have given us countless and important contacts within the justice system. There is a good chance that we will be well-acquainted with the prosecutor or judge – or both – assigned to your case. 

We also get involved in pre-charging situations, attempting to influence the prosecutor’s charging decision and negotiating, when appropriate, an outcome that will protect you and minimize your consequences. 

And, if you have a matter from the past that is adversely affecting your job, your travel plans or your life in general, we offer expungement services to try to wipe the slate clean and let you start over.  Simply put, if you’re in a legal jam you can count on Dan Homstad Defense LLC to stand up for you and help you navigate the complex criminal justice system.



Assault is defined in Minnesota as intentionally harming somebody; however, it can also involve the mere threats of harm.  Assault charges are extremely serious, and they can have devastating effects on employment, liberty, family custody cases, and the right to possess a firearm – even for hunting or target shooting.  The attorneys at Dan Homstad Defense have handled thousands of assault cases over the years.  These attorneys are expert trial lawyers and can protect your rights and liberty should you be charged with assault.  They have secured acquittals in the most serious of cases, saving clients dozens of years in state prison.  Don’t risk your precious freedom if charged with assault.  Turn to Dan Homstad Defense LLC for aggressive representation.  

Child pornography charges

Law enforcement officers have special software they use to monitor people they think may be sharing child pornography.  Officers target people who use “file-sharing” programs, and officers sit online with the ability to see just who in Minnesota is using a file-sharing program at a particular time.  If they think the person is sharing child pornography, they will get a search warrant and will take every electronic device in the house.  If they discover anything illegal on the devices, serious charges and consequences will follow.  Jail time, sex-offender treatment, no-contact orders with children (maybe even your own) and steep fines are common penalties. 

Sex-offender registration will be required.  And possession or distribution of voluminous amounts of pornography will result in long state prison sentences.  The attorneys at Dan Homstad Defense have extensive experiences in representing people charged in child pornography cases. 

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