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Criminal Defense, Family & Juvenile Law

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense, Family & Juvenile Law

Dan Homstad Defense LLC provides experienced representation in the following practice areas: 

Criminal Defense

You have a choice among the many attorneys out there. When you hire Dan Homstad Defense LLC, your case will be handled by a firm with experience in both criminal defense and prosecution. 

With 23 years of criminal law experience, we will vigorously defend your rights in all manner of charges, from disorderly conduct to DUI to homicide.  No matter is too small or too serious. Our focus will always remain on an individualized representation of you. Our extensive jury trial experience gives us the ability to offer you frank and realistic advice. Our many years of criminal law practice have given us countless and important contacts within the justice system. There is a good chance that we will be well-acquainted with the prosecutor or judge – or both – assigned to your case. 

We also get involved in pre-charging situations, attempting to influence the prosecutor’s charging decision and negotiating, when appropriate, an outcome that will protect you and minimize your consequences. 

And, if you have a matter from the past that is adversely affecting your job, your travel plans or your life in general, we offer expungement services to try to wipe the slate clean and let you start over.  Simply put, if you’re in a legal jam you can count on Dan Homstad Defense LLC to stand up for you and help you navigate the complex criminal justice system.


Family Law

Whether you need to protect yourself with an order for protection or you need to be defended against an order placed on you, your safety and your rights will be our primary concerns. 

As in our criminal defense practice, we have experience on both sides of the aisle in the family law field. We have secured court orders that protect the victims of harassment and domestic violence. We have also successfully defended clients in situations where there may have been false accusations of harassment or domestic violence. 

Our many years of trial experience have given us the ability to be aggressive and successful in these critically important and emotional hearings. The timelines are compressed in these situations and time is always of the essence.  Our extensive litigation experience in this field means that we are always more prepared and well-informed than our opponents. You can count on Dan Homstad Defense LLC to stand up for you and help you navigate the complex family law system. 

Juvenile Law: Delinquency & child protection

We have extensive juvenile court experience in both the delinquency and child protection fields. 

Juvenile delinquency cases involve kids charged with crimes. Our focus always remains on minimizing a kid’s immediate consequences while insuring that their youthful mistakes will not haunt them into adulthood. Every kid deserves a second chance. 

Child protection cases involve the government removing kids from the home.  Our focus always remains on reunification of the family and protecting against governmental overreach. Juvenile court matters are significantly important to the families involved. The future of your family may be at stake.  In both delinquency and child protection matters, you can count on Dan Homstad Defense LLC to stand up for your rights, defend your family and help you navigate the complex juvenile court system. 

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